Code of Conduct

We strive to make ReactBris a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Our events are a reflection of the diversity found within the Brisbane tech community; it’s this diversity that makes the community so awesome.

To maintain this warm and friendly environment, we ask that all attendees and community members comply with our Code of Conduct.

The Code

  1. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated, either in-person at our events or on the various ReactBris social media pages. This includes:
    1. Discrimination based on (but not limited to) age, sex, gender, race, disability, physical characteristics, religious or political beliefs
    2. Inappropriate or unwelcome physical contact, including unwanted sexual attention
    3. Disruptive or aggressive behaviour
  2. Attendees are asked to drink responsibly at any ReactBris event where there is alcohol available.
  3. Some ReactBris events may have an official photographer taking photos. If you are attending and don’t want to be included in any photos, please let the photographer know in-person.

Reporting a violation

If you are being harassed, see others being harassed, or just have some questions or feedback regarding the Code of Conduct, don’t hesitate to reach out to an organiser at any time. You can usually speak to an organiser in-person at an event, but you can also reach us online:

Reported violations are taken extremely seriously, and are followed up immediately once a report is received.


Attendees who are asked by an organiser to stop any harassing or disruptive behaviour are expected to comply immediately.

Serious or reported violations may result in attendees being asked to leave, and these attendees may be barred from attending future events.

Posts on the ReactBris Meetup page or ReactBris Github which violate the Code of Conduct may be deleted.

Last updated 7 April 2019